Why many Filipinos eat junk food

Going around the Metro, I was able to get an overview of the prices of goods. Food in particular shows a big gap in prices — particularly between the processed and the fresh, and between the healthy and the so-called junk.

The fresh food such as vegetables, fruits, dairy and poultry products are a bit pricey. You can hardly buy anything with a hundred pesos ($2). However, you can pick two or more items with the same amount of money from the the voluminous array of processed food and other so-called foods such as noodles, chips, crackers, soda, juices, etc.

No wonder, many average and low-earners suffer from obesity and malnutrition… the culprit is the affordable “alternate foods” which can satiate hunger and thirst but lacking the nutritional value that each child, adult, and elder need.


Surely, this situation is not only true in the Philippines. This is not only experienced in the Third World countries either. It is a global phenomenon that is caused by the decreasing labor cost and the ever-escalating monopoly of production by the selected few.

Should we just passively watch and endure the ordeal like victims ourselves?

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