What Men Want In a Woman – 5 Things You Must Know

muscular-man-squeezing-the-biceps_1048-2641Men are said to be created before women so they are supposed to be the head, the leader, the provider, the tough guy, and a host of other descriptions that may sometimes be misconstrued as if they are gods and that they can live self-sufficiently without women.

However, tough men may appear, they surely need women. They cannot exist without women even if some of them deny it. I came to notice this dependence of men on women when I had a chance to reside in a coed (mixed) dormitory. I was single then and I was wondering why most, if not all of the men, always need to have a woman beside them or with them wherever they go.

What do men want in a woman is a question that lingered in my mind since then. What is it really that men want in a woman? It would surely appear flattering for women to know the answer to this. However, it may not make men look too tough anymore once you consider these revelations.

Frankly, men need women not merely for sexual purposes. The five main reasons why men get attracted to women are: they are afraid to be alone so they need a companion; they always want to be complimented so they need an ego-booster; they are lonely people that is why they need a friend; they want to brag about themselves and talk about their achievements that they need a listener; and they need a partner, not a rival, who will make them complete.

  • What men want in a woman is a companion.

Like all people on earth, no one wants to be alone. A woman is someone who will make the man assume a tough guy image because she is considered weak and frail. The man, in turn, will then offer her protection and leadership. This leads us to the next role of a woman in a man’s life – an ego-booster.

  • What men want in a woman is an ego-booster.

The woman will serve as a man’s source of confirmation for his manhood and virility. Since most women are kind and generous at giving compliments, what men want in a woman is someone who will lift their egos. In addition, men are lonely people.

  • What men want in a woman is someone who’ll ease their loneliness.

They need a friend who will comfort them and share life’s joys and challenges. Since most men are not very expressive of their feelings, the woman’s ability to be sensitive to another’s need is a perfect match to man’s loneliness.

  • What men want in a woman is an undivided attention.

A woman is not only a good friend but is also a good listener. When men group together, each of them would have something to talk about and ignore the listening part. Women, on the other hand, find pleasure and excitement as they listen to their men’s stories and flattering words. This is the reason why men hate nagging wives; they want to be listened to.

  • What men want in a woman is a partner.

Finally, on a more serious note, what men want in a woman is a partner, not a rival. They want someone who could complete them, who would be the strength of their weakness. Naturally, men find other men as their rivals but women are there to help their need; for there are indeed some needs that only women can satisfy.

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