WASH: Beauty Tips that are Truly Effective

DSC_0997Many women of all ages, through ages have always been conscious of staying young and beautiful. As a matter of fact, TV commercials are filled with attractive packages promising solutions and suggestions for a woman to maintain and retain her beauty – from shampoo to moisturizer to skin whiteners to slimming supplements and exercises.

Time and careful researches have proven that the most effective beautifying secret for both men and women of all ages and races is simply WASH or Water, Attitude, Sleep, and Hygiene.

Water is an effective moisturizer, cleanser and detoxify-er inside and out. Clean water is all we need to maintain that supple and clear skin. The human body needs enough water to maintain its full function thus drinking more than eight glasses of clean water is what our body needs. Water is a gentle agent that is used to remove skin dirt and make up. And mind you, it is much cheaper than the other products on sale.

An equally important beautifying factor is attitude. This is the spiritual and emotional part of being that controls the way we look at things, the way we respond to pressure, and the way we behave at all times. Having a positive attitude does not only make us successful but it keeps stress and other toxins from intruding our system. We learn not to worry, we refrain from frowning, and our face becomes radiant and more beautiful.

The next ingredient is sleep. It is important that we spend quality and restful sleep. According to experts six to eight hours sleep at night is ideal but you can also opt for a few hours of good sleep at night and naps during the day. A 15-minute nap after a rigorous mental work can greatly help before doing another difficult task. Sleep calms the nerves and revitalizes the cells. It is also during sleep that our body systems detoxify, thus sleep is very essential for normal functioning. When you have enough sleep, you wake up more cheerful and alert so you look more attractive and pleasant. Sleep is indeed effective in delaying aging and wrinkles.

Undeniably, hygiene is another factor for beautifying our bodies and relationships. Unfortunately, this is the only aspect that the commercial products have aimed at or achieved. We need to smell good, feel good, and really be physically clean. This drives away diseases and makes us a pleasant companion to others. We gain more friends if we are clean inside out too. So the next time you are tempted to try the products on the ads, step back and WASH. Stay beautiful, young and keep aiming for higher grounds.

First published in: http://rakz105.expertscolumn.com/article/wash-beauty-tips-are-truly-effective


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