Live Simply, Eliminate Stress, Make a Charity Car Donation

Prices are going up. Gone are the days when we can relax and laze around without thinking of bills, credit cards and housing foreclosures. Suddenly, the world seems to be caving in on us. How can we cope with these changing times?

Living simply and doing away with extras is the answer. Look around you and see what pulls you down. There are a number of things that are no longer necessary these days. Gas prices are skyrocketing. Ditch the car. Use public transportation. You don’t need to drive. You’ll feel more relaxed and freer when you let somebody else bring you to your destination.

Get rid of that car that costs you so much expense and headache. Donate your car to charity. You will find that one of your burdens has been lifted and you will find a new sense of purpose in life by sharing what you have with the less fortunate.

There a number of benefits to donating a car to charitable institutions such as theHeritage for the Blind. The first benefit is for you. You will no longer worry about paying so much for gas. You will have more time for other things so you can prioritize your expenses.

For short distances, you can walk or jog which are priceless means of exercise and staying fit. You will not only have a clearer mind but also a healthier body.

The second benefit is for the recipient of your car donation. The less fortunate will be helped by your kind act. Organizations helping them will have increased ability to service their needs — either through actual use of your car or the proceeds reaped from selling it.

This form of sharing will surely bring great results. When you have experienced the simpler life, you will realize that there is more to life than having more than what you need.

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