DIGITAL CAMERALife is an endless cycle of rising and falling. Rising means gaining new things and insights; while falling means making errors after trying new things.

These two opposites come hand in hand and the way we handle these two aspects of life determines the degree of our success and our future.

The acronym ACT can best describe the three basic things we should consider when we are trying to learn something new effectively.  stands for: Act on your Attitude; C for Concentrate on your Capabilities; and T for Try and be Trained.

Act on your Attitude

One of the most important factors in our personal journey in life that really affects everything that we do is attitude.

To act on our attitude means to see to it that we have the right perspective on everything. The right attitude, of course, is the positive outlook in life or on the thing we want to do or learn.

When we  begin to say, “I can’t,” we have already decided to fail. On the contrary, we spark the fire and begin our first step to success by simply saying, “I can.” The right attitude always pushes us to move forward and to prosper.

Concentrate on your Capabilities

Once we have decided to do or learn something, let us focus on our strengths. This means we have to concentrate on our capabilities after we have identified what our strengths and talents are.

Everyone is endowed with certain talents and skills. By doing so, we can be realistic and we can make the impossible possible. Anything can be achieved when we are determined to do it.

Try and be Trained

Lastly, we have to act on what we want to learn. To try and to be trained are two things that we should always consider.

We can try doing a certain thing, on our own and if we need assistance, seek help. We can ask somebody to teach us. We can be trained either formally or informally. With current technology, help is available everywhere; we can turn to our friends or neighbors or we can browse the internet and get help online.

ACT and you will not surely fail.

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