Success is a Journey

I came across a speaking topic in one of the English clubs in Ho Chi Minh… It says: “Which would you choose: success or happiness?” I find the question inappropriate because it is about two terms whose meaning can be both subjective and relative.

Success can mean differently for every individual. The world’s standard of having a high paying job and lucrative living may not necessarily mean success for those in such status. Humans are insatiable; there is always something to look forward to – always another step upward.

On the other hand, happiness can be a feeling of fulfillment and being content with what you have. Some people who have reached their goals can be happy about their success; while others are all the more driven to reach much higher goals and are never satisfied.

For me, happiness does not depend on how earthly successful a person may be; and success is being satisfied with what you have at the moment. Thus, being successful means being happy and fulfilled, no matter how small that success may be.

Life is a series of successes. Every obstacle that has been overcome and every challenge that has been solved are in themselves called success.

Friend, let’s continue happily reaping our successes as we journey through life. Living simply, dealing with others peacefully, enjoying good health and being with your family are barometers of true success.

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